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  Ayur life  
  Ayurveda ‘the Science of Life’ is a holistic system of medicine from India, which evolved from Brahma sages of Ancient India. The principles and philosophy of Ayurveda view man as an intricate whole, together with our external and internal environments. The doctrines are derived from universal laws of nature that have not changed a little through time. With subjective, objective, and intuitive approaches to gaining knowledge, incorporated with a deep understanding of the unseen intelligence of the universe, the practices of Ayurveda have withstood the test of time.Holistic health is a philosophy of complete health. This approach has different attitudes, these are  
  • Considers man as a whole, comprising body, mind (Psycho) and Consciousness (Spirit).
  • Beside this subtle approach, they took the whole body as a subjective matter not objective. All systems and organs are interrelated with each other. Here specialization is approached to the complete body not to its parts
  • It has another approach, beyond an individual. An individual is thought in the context of universe. Universe and an individual are just same to each other. Man is a unit of universe
  After looking at these concepts, it becomes clear that Ayurveda falls in the same category. Ayurveda covers all these points completely  
  Ayur life need of time  
  Today, the problems we are facing are less physical and more psychological. Cases in medicinal world are changing very quickly. Anti-biotic drugs are no more life saving drugs. Man is dying more due to heart failures, diabetes and neuropathies. We have better ways of sanitation, we are more civilized yet we are more ill? We have found all the ways to be happy in the name of comfort but we have lost the real zest of life in this run of time. We are able to regulate the temperature inside our rooms but we don’t know how to save our own earth from hard sun rays or how to find a solution of deadly sun rays, which are killing us in the name of skin cancers! Glaciers are melting day by day, we are able to freeze the things in our houses but not able to save the glaciers. We have upset the nature and now nature is rebelling to us. We will have to pay for all our deeds. So it is the time to go back to the nature and find the solution in a natural way  
  Holistic approach of medicine deals with this aspect. All holistic medicines concentrate on the physical as well as energy part. Few of us claim that the sciences related with the energy part are only holistic sciences. Ironically speaking, the sciences which look at the world in a way that things are conjugated with each other in the definitions of energy and matter are truly holistic sciences  
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  Live a life full of energy  
  We all are rich materialistically and poor energetically. More then vitamin and mineral deficiencies we are suffering from deficit of energies  
  • Have we used all of our energies?
  • Can we borrow these energies from somewhere?
  • Can any one locate a store from where we can recharge our senses?
  • Is there any resource to get these energies?
  You have answers for these with yourself. You are a big hub of energies in yourself, what you need is to identify your energies and to enlighten these. If these will remain latent and stagnant, these are useless. Energy is that what flows, let your energies to flow. These should be interchanged with the cosmic energies. Once you will start doing this your energy level will be higher automatically  
  How to practice  
  There are the following ways to interact with the energies of the cosmos  
  1. Use of sanctified herbs- Trees are blessed with nature’s all energies as these are exposed to all natural energies, without any hindrances. So by using specific herbs for the promotion of the in-vitro of body, one can attain better health. Rasyanas told in Ayurveda are made up of such blessed herbs only and one can revitalize all the energies by proper use of Rasyanas
  2. By practicing the Yoga exercises in daily routine, according to the one’s body type and requirements.
  3. Punctuation of life in accordance to the needs of life.
  4. By help of an expert who, can lead us to the right way
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