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Kerala Ayurvedic Treatment

  What is Psoriasis?  
  Psoriasis is an inflammatory skin condition. There are five types, each with unique signs and symptoms. Between 10% and 30% of people who develop psoriasis get a related form of arthritis called “psoriatic arthritis,” which causes inflammation of the joints.

Plaque psoriasis is the most common type of psoriasis. About 80% of people who develop psoriasis have plaque psoriasis, which appears as patches of raised, reddish skin covered by silvery-white scale. These patches, or plaques, frequently form on the elbows, knees, lower back, and scalp. However, the plaques can occur anywhere on the body. The other types are guttate psoriasis (small, red spots on the skin), pustular psoriasis (white pustules surrounded by red skin), inverse psoriasis (smooth, red lesions form in skin folds), and erythrodermic psoriasis (widespread redness, severe itching, and pain).

Regardless of type, psoriasis usually causes discomfort. The skin often itches, and it may crack and bleed. In severe cases, the itching and discomfort may keep a person awake at night, and the pain can make everyday tasks difficult. Psoriasis is a chronic, meaning lifelong, condition because there is currently no cure. People often experience flares and remissions throughout their life. Controlling the signs and symptoms typically requires lifelong therapy.

Treatment depends on the severity and type of psoriasis. Some psoriasis is so mild that the person is unaware of the condition. A few develop such severe psoriasis that lesions cover most of the body and hospitalization is required. These represent the extremes. Most cases of psoriasis fall somewhere in between
  Low back Pain Treatment  

If you are suffering from one of the most common disease, low back pain, experienced by over 95% of the population at some point in their lives. Come to us, we do cure it almost completely, do prevent re-injury. Surely we will help you find the most wanted relief in your life and as a rollback your restored health for leading an energetic normal life.

Common causes of back pain includes: Muscle Strain, Bulging or herniated disc, Degenerative disc disease, Osteoporoses, Spinal Stenosis, Sciatica or Pinched Nerve and Sacroiliac Joint Inflamation.Most causes of back pain, however, result from injury or trauma. There are also many other conditions, which can contribute to back pain. These conditions are almost always treated non-surgically, resulting in a successful outcome 99% of the time

Ayurvedic Treatment, the holistic healing system of life and longevity, is one of the most ancient healing systems on earth.Ayurveda treatment is the oldest and continually practiced form of medicine.Ayurvedic treatments in Kerala provides chance to refresh yourself, eliminate all toxic imbalances from the body and regain resistance and attain good health, in a natural way.

ayurveda treatments kerala
  Arthritis Treatment  
  Arthritis is the pain and inflammation of joints. The joints most often affected in arthritis are hips, knees, elbows and fingers. Heat, Redness, Pain and Swelling are the clinical characteristics of inflammation due to arthritis.

The term ‘Arthritis’ and ‘Rheumatism’ are both commonly used to describe pain, swelling and stiffness of the joints. But there is a difference between the two. Arthritis means inflammation of the joints. Rheumatism, on the other hand, is a more general term for pain and stiffness in the Muscles, bones, joints and tender parts. Rheumatoid Arthritis is a chronic, systematic inflammatory disease that affects multiple joints in the both side of the body.

Arthritis can be cured with our ayurvedic treatment. In this programme general body massage, njavarakizhi, pizhichil, podikkizhi, lepam and vasthi will be done according to the doctor's advice. The duration of this programme could only be decided after consulting   the physician. (It takes minimum 14 days
  Neck pain Treatment  
  Neck pain can be associated with headache, probably through a muscular tension mechanism. Neck pain affects patients of all ages. It may be disabling you since long time. Ice cubes and antibiotics may give you a short relief, but the problem prevails.
The cause of neck pain includes; simple strain, sprain and cervical degenerative problems. Spine fractures are a frequent cause of neck pain. Rare causes of neck pain include tumors of the cervical vertebral bodies and tumors involving the spinal chord or its coverings. Pain in the front of the neck is an uncommon symptom in spine problems and should be evaluated by your family doctor. Neck stiffness is frequent. Sometimes, patients will complain of a grinding or popping noise/sensation with neck movement. The pain generally is worse when the neck is extended( head tilted back) .
Our treatment not only gives you all time relief without any side effects, without surgery, but also a rejuvenated health
  slimming programme  
  This programme includes.
1. Udvarthanam
2. Kaady Dhara
  It also includes medicated steam bath, Steam kizhi, herbal tea and a course of medicines. Special ayurvedic diet would be recommended during this period.
Duration: From 21 to 28 days, depending on the body constitution and the decision of the ayurvedic doctor

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